Participation in Initiatives

PFA21(Principles for Financial Action for the 21st Century)

"PFA21" is a set of action guidelines for Japanese financial institutions that summarizes the responsibilities and roles necessary for the formation of a sustainable society.
Mitsui Bussann & IDERA Partners Co., Ltd. (hereinafter the “Asset Manager”), the asset management company of MIRAI, is a signatory to “PFA21” and aims to conduct responsible investment management through business activities that are consistent with the Principles.

TOKYO Work-Style Reform Declaration

“TOKYO Work-Style Reform Declaration” is a program operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, sets and announces targets and details of measures to be taken to reduce long working hours and promote the use of annual paid leave and other benefits. The Asset Manager registered for this program in September 2020 in order to improve the work-life balance of its employees.

Please refer to the link for details of the Asset Manager's Declaration.

2020 TDM Promotion Project

In conjunction with the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, the Asset Manager is participating in the 2020 TDM Promotion Project, which aims to ease traffic congestion during the Games with the cooperation of various companies, with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the Cabinet Secretariat and the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee serving as the secretariat.

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