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Summary of latest financial results

As of December 16, 2016

Operating revenues

(million yen)

Operating income

(million yen)

Net income / Distribution per units

(million yen)

Net assets / Net assets per units

(million yen)
    October 2016
(1st fiscal period)
April 2017
(2nd fiscal period)
October 2017
(3rd fiscal period)
April 2018
(4th fiscal period)
October 2018
(5th fiscal period)
Operating revenues (million yen) 100
Operating income (million yen) 20,000
Ordinary income (million yen) 18,000
Net income (million yen) 5,000
Distributions per unit (yen/unit) 2,800
Total assets (million yen) 290,000
Net assets (million yen) 280,000
Net assets to total assets (%) 50
Net assets per units (yen) 5,000