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Philosophy/Investment Highlights

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"MIRAI" Creates the future of the world

MIRAI will achieve the greatest possible synergies by combining the different areas of expertise and strengths of Mitsui & Co. and IDERA. Mitsui & Co. is one of Japan's leading conglomerates, while IDERA has an extensive experience and track record as an independent asset management company. MIRAI will work to enhance unitholder value through investment and asset management in a wide range of asset categories

Investment Highlights

1. Portfolio reflecting the strengths of the two sponsors

Formation of portfolio with typical investment real estate such as office buildings, retail properties, hotels and residential properties as Core Assets
Incorporation of a certain percentage of Growth Assets (Core-plus Assets and New Type assets) in the portfolio in the future to ensure the MIRAI's sustainable growth

2. Sponsor pipelines and growth strategy that proposes the inclusion of Growth Assets in the future

Acquisition strategy utilizing the sponsor pipelines of the Mitsui & Co. and IDERA.
Promotion of acquisition strategy that avoids intense competition through the future inclusion of Growth Assets, an area in which both sponsors excel

3. Portfolio management with emphasis on portfolio diversification and cash flow growth

Diversification of properties and tenants through investment in asset classes with diverse characteristics to generate stable cash flows
Utilization of the Mitsui & Co.'s relationships with a broad range of companies and track record of investing in and managing New Type Assets and IDERA's value-adding capability for real estate to achieve cash flow growth

4. Stable financial operations and a governance structure based upon consideration for unitholders' interests

Stable financial operations through the establishment of a lender formation consisting mainly of mega-bank groups and appropriate LTV control
Establishment of a strong governance structure supported by efforts to align the interests of both sponsors with unitholders