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Financial highlights

As of May 15, 2018

Outstanding interest-bearing debt 61,000 million yen Remaining maturity on debt 6.3 years
LTV (based on total assets) (Note 1) 49.6% LTV (based on appraisal value) (Note 2) 47.2%
% of debt on fixed rates 98.3% % of debt on long-term 98.3%
(Note 1) LTV (based on total assets) = Outstanding interest-bearing debt ÷ Total assets. Total asset prior to execution of the borrowings is estimate for the fiscal period ending April 2018 based on the earning estimate announced on December 11, 2017, while that of post execution of the borrowings is the vale obtained by adding acquisition value (inclusive or related expenses) of the three new hotel assets to be acquired (Ise City Hotel Annex, Comfort Hotel Kitakami, Comfort Hotel Nagano) to the total asset prior to execution of the borrowings.
(Note 2) LTV (based on appraisal value) = Outstanding interest-bearing debt ÷(Net assets + Latent profit)

LTV history

As of March 1, 2018


Debt maturity ladder

As of May 15, 2018

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